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"My last dentist kept bugging me to have my work done, but things felt fine, so I put it off. I don't know what it is, but I tend to avoid the dentist. But with Dr. Jim I felt much more in control. He showed me the problems and answered all my questions. My mouth has never felt better. And I've never had a more thorough exam!"

Gaining and Maintaining a Healthy Smile

The best way to treat dental disease is to attack it before it happens. The control of tooth decay and gum disease is of the utmost importance in maintaining a healthy smile.  It starts with a thorough evaluation of your current dental condition. The teeth, gums, bite, muscles, and jaw joints are checked for any irregularities. An oral cancer screening is performed as well.  Once your dental troubles, if any, are under control, a custom preventive program will be tailored for your specific needs.

Staying Balanced

Like with so many things in life keeping a proper balance is critical for oral health. It's really all about controlling oral bacteria and their biproducts - acid. Proper oral home care, diet, and regular trips to the dentist are proven stratagies to a healthy mouth.

Keeping Your Teeth for a Lifetime

Gum disease has been getting a lot of recognition in today's media. Studies indicate up to 90% of Americans over 40 years of age have some form of gum disease. It's well known that gum disease left unchecked can lead to unsightly breakdown of the gums and surrounding bone and eventually lead to tooth loss. But now studies are discovering links to heart disease, diabetes, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. So keeping your gums in tip top shape is critical to keeping your smile as well as maintaining your general health.

Dr. Jim and his staff have a wide range of therapies to rejuvenate the gums, and home care stratagies to hold on to your teeth for a lifetime.

Check It Out

If you are going to have a cavity you want to keep it small! Advancements in dental diagnostics are making the discovery and treatment of early dental decay safer, easier, and more comfortable for the patients. Dr. Jim and his team utilize many technologies such as the DIAGNOdent®, digital x-rays and magnification.

Fill 'er Up

When you need a tooth filled isn't it great to know you have choices.  These choices can be affected by whether the decayed area is large or small, if you have existing fillings, or missing pieces or cracks in your teeth.  Let Dr Jim help you decide what type of filling works for your situation and your budget.

You Bet We Like Kids

It's a challenge to take a child and present dentistry to them in a way that makes them good patients for life. Pleasant experiences early on will lead to good oral care for a lifetime. Dr. Jim usually recommends first dental visits as early as 18 months. This allows for a strong, trusting relationship to develop, as they get acquainted to the new surroundings. They'll see that the caring staff and kid friendly programs make coming to the dentist a fun experience.

And Much, Much More

Dr. Jim also offers most of the other traditional dental services. Sick infected teeth can be saved though root canal therapy. When unfortunately a tooth can't be saved, or perhaps wisdom teeth are an issue, tooth removal is available. TMJ therapy, mouth guards, the list goes on and on. This is a full service dental practice which can fulfill all of your needs at one location.

If your teeth are great and all you're looking for is maintenance, if you're looking for enhancing your current smile, or if you need to rebuild your smile, whatever your particular needs, Dr. Jim will always listen to your concerns. And explain everything to you. So you can be sure you'll get the kind of care you and your smile deserve.


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